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Xavier, auteur interprète

Xavier, coming back from the bathroom:
“I’ll sing you a song I just invented; I practised it in the bathroom.”

(With arm movements: )
“When it’s Summer, full of leaves!
When it’s Winter, no leaves.
When it’s Christmas, no leaves.
When it’s Summer, full of leaves!”

We love! : ) Especially with Orly repeating the song over and over since.

Holiday time 2010

Oops! it has been some time without an update on the blog. Just like before, when it happens, it’s because we have been crazy busy!

I did a little design here and there, which kept me busy. The flyer for the belly-dance school’s 2011 show is done, as a matter of fact. I like how it turned out this year:
Étoiles d'Orient 2011

In addition to my couple projects — and the kids, and work, hehe — we had the chance to receive our families for Christmas, this year. Even if it kept us pretty busy with cleaning up the house and preparing everything during December and especially the previous week, it was an honour to receive the people we love in our house.

On the 24, we ate a scrumptious meal at the Troquet (Delta hotel’s restaurant) with my family (parents, brother, sister, partners). First course of gouda, proschiutto, maple and fruits, soup, dear medaillon for the main course and crème brûlée for dessert. Yum, yum! The kids had pogos, which they liked just as much, and were relatively well behaved throughout the long meal. Next, evening at our place, unwrapping of presents, viewing of photos and wine. Sleep at 2am, ouf!

On the 25, Frank’s family, including relatives on his father’s side, came to have dinner here. Our house is not vast, but it received everyone alright. With the help of Lucie, Frank’s mother, the meal was a success — squash soup, 3.5 kg roast beef, vegetables and cake and pie for dessert. Orly fell asleep spectacularly at the dinner table, her mouth full of pie. Xavier found a couple of partners to play board games. Finally, we ended the night with 2 games of “Ticket to Ride”.

On the 26 and 27, we continued our Christmas tradition by watching Anastasia (the Dreamworks version) and started a new tradition by walking the path at the Cap’s Stanctuary, which is filled with fairy lights for Christmas — and freeze a couple of fingers!

We still have three activities/celebrations to go on the 31st of December, and a couple of days to work until then. Afterwards, 2011 will make its grand entry, so have a great week everyone! Make the most of 2010’s last days!

First oil painting

I’m currently attending an oil painting class, once a week at a community center. We started by painting a couple of chromatic circles, but now here is my first painting on canvas. It’s 11×14″, if I remember it correctly.

I would like to pretend it is my own composition, but it will have to be for another time: in this case, it was based on an illustration I love by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite — whose rendering of it is rather superior, but oh well, we all need to start somewhere… There are many details I would have liked to achieve better (water ripples, water lilies, bat) and some things with which I struggled a little (the face!… the more I worked on it, the worst it got, so I ended up leaving it as is) but I’m still glad with the result.

All it needs now is a pretty frame so I can hang it in some dark corner of my basement. Hehe.

Family photos by Nic

During the weeks prior to our trip to Vegas, we have been quite busy with preparing for leaving. So we did not take the time to note the great work of our friend Nicolas Bouchard, who came to photograph Frank’s family. (Link to his gallery for that day.)

I know we take a lot of pictures in general, but it’s rare enough that we have a nice picture with all four of us on it, or even a couple’s picture! Thank you thank you!

Nic also took group pictures with Frank’s family. And recently, when we were at the annual Halloween party Amelie and him are throwing, he took pictures of each costumed guest, in his small home studio. Cool idea!

The party, as usual, was good fun. This year’s theme was Red Carpet: appetizers, candy, video games and glam decor under the artistic direction of the talentful Amélie.

(Photo credits: Nicolas Bouchard)

Automn light

De Automne2010

Little automn hike through the wood near our house… It was a warm day outside, with gorgeous light.
(Side note: the crochet vest Orly is wearing in the pics was made by her great-grandmother — my father’s mother. She probably made it in the 70’s, for one of her grandchildren. I’m happy Orléane can wear it today…)

Oh, and on the way home, we made a new friend.

Happy Halloween 2010

Poils de dragon… tournes en rond!
Bave de crapaud… fais trois sauts!
Toile d’araignée… toute emmêlée!
C’est la potion, de l’Arbre à bonbons.

Happy Halloween!